Christmas break 2019

A week or so before I started my Christmas break project, I had done a farmhouse-style dresser with teeny-tiny buffalo plaid, and it got snapped up crazy fast!

Here’s the one that sold within a day of me posting it:

It sold to a friend of mine from church, who actually ended up giving it as a gift to another church friend who had expressed interest in it and whose husband had just passed away.

I thought that was so cool and generous, I wanted to paint something else for the first couple in a similar style. Turns out that the space they wanted to put it in was too small for it, so now it’s for sale!

Here’s how it looked when I first got it:

Yes, it is a tiny picture, and yes, that’s because I frequently forget to take “before” pictures because I’m too excited to start working on a project. Don’t judge!

It was free, and I had a trailer already attached to my car from hauling stuff to our church garage sale. Perfect!

The thing you can’t see (and I sure didn’t know) was that it had been in a garage for like 10 years and was full of MOUSE TURDS! (Not pictured🤢)

I scrubbed that thing inside and out several times, and painted every drawer, so don’t fret!

Here it is—all cleaned!

It also had some gouges from the outdated mirror that used to sit on it:

Maybe some would like this—I just wasn’t feeling it for this dresser.

My lovely and talented mother helped me work on the dresser when they came over for a few days over break. She and I switched on and off playing with the kiddos and painting.

Thank the good Lord my dad and husband installed some new work lights in my basement workroom! I don’t know how I painted in there before them! Now when I just turn on the original light, it’s like nothing happened at all!

Yes, that’s my kid’s sippy cup, but no, that’s not their chair anymore—I have commandeered it for sitting lower to paint 😂

Mom painted the body here in Dixie Belle’s “Fluff.” It only took two coats because Dixie Belle has awesome coverage! (No I don’t get paid to say that, I just love their products. For now…😏)

Here, you can see the grey I painted inside and outside of the drawers.

The fronts of the top drawers got 2 coats of “Fluff” in the center, and two coats of “Caviar,” Dixie Belle’s blackest black, on the outsides of those drawers and all over the fronts of the rest of the drawers.

If you’re interested, I’ll do a separate blog post about how to do buffalo plaid!

We tried Dixie Belle’s “Howdy Doody Hemp Oil” on the black drawers to seal them, which neither of us has ever tried before. I wasn’t a super huge fan of it—maybe we put too much on or something, but it just seemed like it would never dry! We wiped it back several times, and even left it for a few days, and it was still leaving fingerprints.

Sorry for the blurriness!

I left it for a week or so while we went to visit family over break, and it was finally dry! I decided not to mess white it, just stick to my trusty Varathane water-based matte polyurethane after that. It went on fine, since I had allowed enough time for the hemp oil to dry (usually oil and water don’t mix, if you’ve never heard that before).

After two coats of poly, it was done! Well, except for the hardware. I spray painted it with a bronze by Rustoleum and added some “warm gold” gilding wax by Redesign with Prima.

Oh yeah, and before I added the poly, I roughed up the edges and buffalo plaid with some 220 grit sandpaper, to give it some more rustic, farmhousey charm!

Here’s the final product!

For Sale!

This one is for sale at $175. Message me on social media @thebelleofthebrush or email me at

Thanks for reading! If you liked this, follow me on Facebook and Instagram @thebelleofthebrush for more! I have two new projects I just finished on the snow day we had yesterday!

Love, Amber ❤️

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