About Me

Welcome to my website! I’m excited to share my furniture and creative process with you!

I am a Biology Teacher by day and a furniture artist by night, as well as a wife and a mother of two small goofballs.

I started painting furniture last summer break when I wanted to paint a few things around my house. I figured it would take me all summer to finish all my projects, but I finished in two days and started thinking to myself, “maybe I could do this and sell them!” I haven’t stopped painting since!

I started with some black outdoor paint that I bought to paint my front door and shutters (which I do not have 😂). I made my own chalk paint for a while, but these days I’m really digging Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint. They have a beautiful selection of colors and products, and they also have some really talented brand ambassador furniture artists. One of them sent me a free sample and I was hooked!

I love trying new and different styles and techniques, and I feel like I learn something from every piece I work on. The pieces I am proudest of are the ones that give me the most grief, especially structurally. I thank my dad for passing on his passion for and knowledge of woodworking, and my mom for passing down her artistic eye and skill with a paintbrush.

My kids love painting, too, and they also love to interact with the pieces I bring home. I will definitely have to post some of their work alongside my own.

My husband is a saint who puts up with my furniture obsession and helps me grow my business. He also keeps my feet on the ground when it comes to how much furniture should be in our garage at any given time. 😬😂

I can’t wait to show you some of my work! Thank you for joining me in the journey.

Love, Amber ❤️


If you’re interested in buying one of my pieces, having me custom-paint one of yours, or if you have any questions or comments about a technique or product, feel free to:

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Email: ambernarnold23@gmail.com